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B2B & B2C
Office in Stockholm city
Founded 1996
Solid and senior experience
Youthful creativity
Personal commitment
Long-lasting client relations

Our Staff To top of page

Lars-Ola Nordqvist

08-410 458 01, 070-689 11 20, lars@comvision.se, Linkedin

Elin Norlin

08-410 458 06, 070-279 86 40, elin@comvision.se, Linkedin

Janne Lundbladh

070-850 45 41, janne@comvision.se

Erica Carlsson

08-410 458 11, erica@comvision.se, Linkedin

Jan von Baumgarten-Ståhlberg

070-675 87 20, jan@comvision.se, Linkedin

Nils Johansson

070-2306930, , nils@comvision.se

Some of our current clients To top of page

Our clients are represented in, among others, the automotive and tire, travel and destination, IT/telecom, management service, sport , lifestyle and consumer products industries, as well as in public service.

Partners To top of page

A+M is one of our partners for graphic design, brand and web strategy.

In cooperation with Sponsor Communication, we develop strategies for sponsoring projects.

International networks To top of page

Through the independent network PR World Alliance (PRWA), we can assist our clients med PR in most parts of the world.

In cooperation with our partner EuroLynx in Belgium, we work with several of the EU Commission’s general directorships.

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